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'Yvonne & Michael'
- electronic (video & audio), duration: 1mins 5secs

Description of work:
In 1995 I travelled through the US, covering 26,000 miles, staying at 84 motels from Nebraska to Arizona. In each and every hotel I stayed in there was always the constant of the Gideon bible in the bedside table drawer. I always flicked through the bible and in 7 motels I found 7 photographs. The section of the bible where the photographs were placed seemed random, perhaps not, but there to be hidden, or there to be discovered ... each photograph had writing on the back, sometimes just names, sometimes just anecdotal references, sometimes a story, and sometimes a confession. A confession of betrayal in love, or in friendship, or just a confession. The piece ‘Yvonne & Micheal’ is based upon one of those stories.

Yvonne & Michael'
Flash Video (.flv) 6MB progressive download
Phil Taylor @2021 |