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‘Neue Heime fur Jeden’ (New Homes for Everyone)
- electronic (video & audio), duration: 3mins 23secs

Description of work:
‘Neue Heime fur Jeden’ is based upon of comparison of the former GDR community building projects and the contemporary urban landscape of Berlin. The GDR propaganda films of the 1960s portrayed a very modern and bright future for the city dwellers of the uniform tower blocks that were constructed in post-war East Berlin. These buildings were constructed void of aesthetic considerations, and with a forced aspirational political ideology. They removed the ‘individual’ from the design, being totally uniform and utilitarian in form and function, although the propaganda films presented a utopian lifestyle for the new occupants. In present day Berlin these urban spaces are now further developed with community facilities that represent democracy and the aspirations of the western political belief system of freedom of choice and a control over one’s lifestyle. But they appear artificial and empty of life. There is no propaganda to accompany these new urban spaces, however are they any different to the GDR dream of ‘new homes for everyone’?

Neue Heime fur Jeden' (New Homes for Everyone)
Flash Video (.flv) 18MB progressive download
Phil Taylor @2021 |