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me too’ (extract) - electronic (video), duration: 46secs

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Description of work:
Interactive CD-ROM time-based work - ‘me too’ is a project intended as a personal interpretation of the millennium phenomenon, a series of short episodes reflecting upon the media with satire and irony

‘me too’ signifies the date 2000 (‘me’ = ‘M’ / ‘Mu’ from the greek alphabet, meaning millennium ..... ‘too’ = x2).

“This, quite simply, was extremely cool and is the best bit of work I’ve seen over the four years. The media was extremely well handled with, I’m very pleased to say, a deft use of sound which was carefully edited and therefore had good transitions between one section and another. This is something that I don’t often encounter with Macromedia type things. I also liked the inherent architecture of the piece. The material was carefully poised and the contrasts never jarring. Rather, they were capable of providing witty movements of counterpoint. Impressive technically and conceptually.”

Nick Virgo - External Moderator MA in EM, Oxford Brookes University’99

'me too'
Flash Video (.flv) 5MB progressive download
Phil Taylor @2021 |