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‘Losing Ground’ (Verlierend Erde)
- electronic (video & audio), duration: 6mins 58secs

Description of work:
‘Losing Ground’ is a musical and visual response to a recent visit to former East Berlin’s ‘TV Tower’ - the revolving section at the top of the tower provided a 360 degree view of the city. The title of the work, ‘Losing Ground’, has a dual meaning: the physical height of the TV Tower and a personal reflection on loss.

Exhibited at the 'Future Places' festival Porto, Portugal - October 2010

Review of 'Losing Ground' by Karen Gustafeson (University of Texas, Austin, USA), co-curator of the festival:

"Taylor's work is thought provoking, evocative and responds to history, culture and location with powerful resonances"

>> View photographs from the event

'Losing Ground'
Flash Video (.flv) 37MB progressive download
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