'Latin American TV and the Elephant (2)' - electronic (video & audio), duration: 1min 37secs

Description of work:
Some Latin American TV in the South West USA is a mixture of blatant commercialism (advertising) and soap operas that exploits cultural references (traditional dress, machismo and sexual stereotypes). The pace of broadcasting is fast and furious with little time to absorb the content (apart from at a subliminal level).

'The Elephant' referred to in the video title is intended as a juxtaposition, or counter-balance, to the pace and nature of the broadcasting. 'An elephant never forgets' is a western folklore idiom - in this presentation the elephant (the artist wearing a standard issue USA urban gas mask filmed whilst watching the TV) is intended to be symbolic of visual overload and the impossibility of remembering the data being broadcast.

This presentation has an addiitional soundtrack added - a traditional Mariachi song recorded live at a local (Tucson, Arizona, USA)religious gathering, the 'elephant' denoted in version 1 can be reinterpreted as a trumpet player and/or singer in the context of the song being performed.

'Latin American TV and the Elephant (2)'
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