'Index AZ - recent work by Phil Taylor'
Exhibition of photography at the SunStreet Photography Gallery, Tucson, Arizona, USA Dec 3 - 28 2011

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Exhibition description:
This recent body of work was created during a three month period in 2011 while living in Tucson, Arizona USA. The images in the work represent a personal visual interpretation of historical, social, political and cultural elements of the region. They form part of a journal of landscapes, people and the environment of towns and cities. The visual language ranges from portraiture to pictorialism, landscape and abstraction.

The title of the exhibition, "Index AZ" denotes a systematic cataloguing of a subject matter, such as a library referencing system, while also alluding to the state itself. However an "index" can also mean something that reveals or indicates something else. Thus the work is not a comprehensive portrayal, but intended as an evocation of place and time.

The subjects depicted in the body of work include cultural festivals such as the "Dia de los Muertos", images of the US/Mexican border, the high desert landscape, Native American reservations, gun culture, the railroad, and the Barrio Viejo in Tucson.

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The work exhibited forms part of a larger body of work in development: '... or the Evening Redness in the West', please see: www.hotelvitrine.tumblr.com for more information (blog)

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