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Gridlog’ - Lisbon, Portugal (photographic series)

Description of work:
The Gridlog series began as a means to quickly catalogue and log stays in different locations. It originated during a year exchange to the USA in 1996 where extensive travel by car around the continent necessitated staying in many low rent motels and apartments - at the end of the year I had photographed every motel room I had stayed in creating a visual log of the experience (these pictures were never printed - they were destroyed by customs officials on departing the USA in 1996).

The aim of the grid is that no one image is singled out as having any particular significance; all images interact together to present an impression of that time. Often the themes of accommodation experienced in the micro (shots of the bed, the stairs, the doors, the view from the window .... ) and topical issues being aired in the macro (such as post 9/11 in NYC), form the core of the subject matter captured. The grid can contain 6 to 70 images.

Phil Taylor @2021 | phil@hotelvitrine.com